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Tas CruYou Keep the Money  – Brand New Year, Brand New Album, Great New Vibe!

A would-be bluesman: “You know, I should get paid.”

Tas Cru:  “Yes son, you should.  Welcome to the blues.”

This is an actual exchange between Tas and a young man (grandson of Delta bluesman, T-Model Ford) that took place after the kid had jumped on stage with his tambourine. You Keep the Money, is dedicated to every bluesman and woman who has learned the hard truth that making honey doesn’t always make you money.

This latest album by acclaimed singer-songwriter, Tas Cru is without question a portrait of this artist at his peak. The writing is terrific with his trademark, well-crafted lyrics and vibrant musicality that has earned him a reputation as one of the most unique of bluesmen plying his trade today.

As longtime fans expect from Tas, this is a “big tent” blues album, meaning its canvas is covered with an array of blues styles – songs painted from a palette of country roots to blues-rock and the many shades in between. Like the eclectic blues/roots artists he so greatly admires, Tas Cru writes and performs confidently and convincingly in any of these styles. As you will note, he delivers ballad to barrelhouse with equal power, passion and purpose.

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Website: www.tascru.com


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